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Alpines in the Garden-Archives
From the Himalayas to the Rockies, from the Andes to the Alps. Alpine plants grow on the top of the world and include a huge range of plant families and they grow in some of the most beautiful and wildest places on earth. In a rock garden, trough or alpine house, some easy to cultivate, some very difficult. Their beauty is astounding.
 128 12-07-08  06:50 pm
Annuals in the Garden Forum -Archives
This is the place to come to ask plant questions, make suggestions, offer comments, and share concerns dealing with both annuals and perennials. You may even wish to show plant combinations to inspire us.
 6671 11-11-06  08:49 am
Aquilegias in the Garden Forum-Archives
Lacy, clover-like foliage and nodding flowers in a variety of colors from pastels to deep purples make this woodland plant a must for any garden.
 1759 12-07-08  08:23 pm
Bamboo in the Garden Forum-Archives
"Once experienced, the tranquil and relaxing sound of a majestic clump of bamboo is never forgotten. With sizes ranging from 1 foot to 100 feet tall, there is a bamboo to suit everyone's garden needs."
 63 12-07-08  08:24 pm
Bonsai in the Garden Forum-Archives
All types of Bonsai, including flowering types.
 1046 12-14-08  07:46 pm
Bulbs in the Garden Forum-Archives
Early Spring bulbs, Summer blooming bulbs, Autumn flowering bulbs, even indoor Winter blooming bulbs...all delight us.
 4503 12-12-08  07:39 pm
Camellias in the Garden Forum-Archives
The International Camellia Society describes growing camellias is dangerous. You may become addicted. Among all exotic flowering shrubs, camellias are very easy to cultivate. Color ranges from white to dark red with all shades in between, even striped or mottled, and recently yellow.
 498 12-14-08  11:06 am
Campanula in the Garden Forum-Archives
These thimble shaped blooms come in whites, pinks and blues and delight us in many different heights and habits.
 304 12-07-08  08:38 pm
Clematis in the Garden-Archives
Hundreds of clematis species and cultivars are available today. Spanning the seasons, some are popular proven delights, others are rare and choice. Share your beauties here.
 53801 01-07-09  11:17 pm
Cyclamen in the Garden-Archives
Cyclamen offers such beauty to the garden with their foliage and flowers. Come share in discussions, asks your questions and post your pictures to entice others to learn more about these plants.
 5700 12-14-08  09:13 am
Dahlias in the Garden Forum-Archives
Dahlias are easy to grow and one of the most beautiful and under rated flowers. A place to post pictures and learn just about anything you want to know about growing dahlias. This topic is dedicated to a man who gave so much of his life to the Dahlia community. May you alway remember Bernie Mandella.
 2976 12-07-08  08:48 pm
Daylilies in the Garden-Archives
Hemerocallis are easy to grow plants. These hardy beauties come in a wide range of sizes and colors to fit many a summer garden scheme.
 3713 12-11-08  08:48 pm
Delphiniums in the Garden Forum-Archives
Classic cottage plants, these spikes of flowers on majestically tall stems are so gorgeous in bloom that you can build a garden or plan a party around their flowering.
 358 12-07-08  08:53 pm
Edibles in the Garden Forum-Archives
So many wonderful fruits and vegetables can be tried in the kitchen garden. Some are so beautiful that they can share space in the perennial border as well.
 1824 12-11-08  09:55 pm
Euphorbias in the Garden Forum-Archives
These delightful plants appeal to gardeners in many gardening zones- and offer a large variety of color and texture in the border.
 315 12-07-08  08:55 pm
Ferns in the Garden Forum-Archives
Ferns provide a wonderful contrast of foliage form in the woodland garden. Most ferns are content with moist humus or peaty rich soil, but like hostas and ornamental grasses, some are more tolerant of sun and drier conditions. All are fabulous!
 373 12-07-08  08:59 pm
Fuchsias in the Garden Forum-Archives
A wonderful perennial for the garden, flowering all summer long, many different varieties and types. eg. Species, Cultivars, Hardies, Trailing etc.
 811 12-07-08  09:00 pm
Geraniums in the Garden Forum-Archives
Two types of geraniums can be discussed here. The first is the tender perennial plant known as pelargonium. Second are the hardy perennial geraniums, sometimes called cranesbill. These come in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are wonderful additions to your garden.
 2044 12-07-08  09:06 pm
Grasses in the Garden Forum-Archives
Only a few years ago grasses seemed revolutionary. Now these old friends are essential landscape plants. There is an ornamental grass for almost any situation.
 364 12-07-08  09:07 pm
Greenhouses in the Garden Forum-Archives
Come here to share your experiences designing, building and using your greenhouse and other garden structures.
 346 12-07-08  09:08 pm
Hellebores in the Garden-Archives
Hellebores bring welcome sparks of relief from the dull days of winter in the garden. These are among the toughest perennials, often blooming in snow. They come in a huge variety of colors and forms.
 9044 11-22-08  03:11 am
Herbs in the Garden Forum-Archives
The ornamental value of herbs would be reason enough to include them in your garden because they can be used as groundcovers as well as fillers. They have interesting textures and foliage. They can be used for culinary purposes, for fragrant sachets and for medicinal purposes.
 347 12-07-08  09:15 pm
Heucheras in the Garden Forum-Archives
Every year more of these gorgeous foliaged plants appear on the market. Some have tall long lasting blooms while others are mainly used for their beautiful textured leaves. Some of the leaves are burgundy, others dark green, pale green, silver...and more!
 546 12-07-08  09:16 pm
Hibiscus in the Garden Forum-Archives
Whether perennial H. mochuetos or woody shrub H. syriacus or tender tropical H. rosa-sinensis, their five petals form some of the largest and most beautiful flowers in the plant world.
 574 12-07-08  09:17 pm
Hostas in the Garden Forum-Archives
The Hosta phenomenon has taken over! Everyone has become interested in these wonderful plants in recent years, even those who thought they didn't care for them. Why? Because of the fantastic colors and textures that have been created and suit even more than shady areas.
 1532 12-07-08  09:18 pm
Indoor Plants in the Garden Forum-Archives
For some of us indoor gardening occupies many months when we cannot work outdoors. Share your indoor beauties with us here, whether common or exotic!
 1568 12-07-08  09:18 pm
Irises in the Garden Forum-Archives
Gardenbuddies can come here to ask questions, make suggestions and comments on Irises in the garden. Anything from the depth of planting to pollinating.
 1931 12-07-08  09:19 pm
My Journal in the Garden Forum-Archives
Please post your garden memoirs or share your garden diary with us. There is no drop off limit on this subtopic so you may come back daily, weekly, or monthly and post your thoughts. Just start your post off like "Mary's Journal" and come back to it when ever.
 4315 12-11-08  07:36 am
Nature in the Garden-Archives
Viewing nature can be quite an enjoyment; whether it be a walk in the woods along a special path or seeing wildlife in its own habitat. Share your photos with us here.
 4983 12-22-05  05:59 pm
Orchids in the Garden Forum-Archives
When in flower one of the most beautiful and spectacular plants on earth. A wide variety of species including Cymbidiums and Cattleyas.
 612 12-07-08  09:25 pm
Penstemons in the Garden Forum-Archives
This North American species is very wide ranging. Penstemons are underused in our gardens and you can learn more about them here. Many are heat and drought tolerant and some can make choice plants for a rockery.
 222 12-14-08  07:23 pm
Peonies in the Garden Forum-Archives
Peonies are very hardy and their flowers help fill the lull between spring blooms and the roses and clematis of summer. The beauty of herbaceous varieties is surpassed only by that of the tree peonies. These are amongst the showiest flowers in the garden.
 1375 12-07-08  09:27 pm
Perennials in the Garden Forum-Archives
One dictionary affectionately defined perennials as self-renewing. Most perennials renew themselves from dormant roots...some do so from woody stems. Either way, they provide continuity to our gardens...reassuring us that blooms we see this season will reliably return to our gardens year after year. Our perennial forum lets you post pictures, opinions, and questions about this large, diverse, and amazing group of garden plants.
 4484 12-16-08  08:47 pm
Ponds and Waterfeatures In The Garden Forum -Archives
A place for waterplants, fish keeping and building waterfeatures. Show off and talk about your ponds, waterlilies and plants.
 1320 12-07-08  09:29 pm
Roses in the Garden-Archives
Historically the rose has been the flower closest to the human heart, the symbol of love and beauty.
 16036 12-13-08  11:40 am
Shade in the Garden Forum-Archives
Once upon a time we were aghast when confronted by shade gardening conditions. Now we seek them out because of the wealth of divine foliage and flowers available. Share your treasures with us here!
 1477 12-07-08  09:31 pm
Shrubs in the Garden Forum-Archives
Shrubs offer great color in a garden whether because of their flowers, foliage or fruit. Low, medium or tall; early, mid-season or late in fall they offer endless possibilities.
 2460 12-07-08  09:32 pm
Succulents in the Garden Forum -Archives
A succulents forum for Aloes, Gasterias, Haworthias, Sedums, Echeverias, Sempervivums, Cacti, Monadeniums, Pachypodiums, Agave, Aeoniums, succulent pelargoniums, caudiform plants, and the like.
 1921 12-12-08  12:19 pm
Trees in the Garden Forum-Archives
Trees add scale and personality to areas. They make a long term addition to a garden! The selection of trees is enormous and there is at least one suited to your conditions.
 1714 12-07-08  09:37 pm
Tropicals in the Garden Forum-Archives
Let's go tropical - For inside and/or outside growers. Discuss and post photos of your tropical plants.
 1688 12-07-08  09:38 pm
Vines and Climbers in the Garden Forum-Archives
These climbing plants not only bring beauty and charm to your garden, but can help you cover that ugly fence or shed. Annual or perennial, there is a vine for every location.
 1212 12-12-08  07:44 pm
Techniques and Designs-Advice and Makeovers in the Garden-Archives
Come join us here for help with your garden problems. Your trusted Gardenbuddies are eager to help you out! Please show us the problem spot and reward us with a photo of your solution.
 2914 12-05-08  05:06 am
Techniques and Designs-Composting and Soil Amendments-Archives
True gardening begins and ends in compost. We buy many products while feeding our passion, often those products don't work. Compost and compost tea work. A really good compost pile is a well planned, PH correct, aerated microbial party! The making of compost is a science bordering on art.
 286 12-07-08  08:44 pm
Techniques and Designs-Container Gardening-Archives
Share ideas about appropriate selections, specialized care and pictures of successful plantings.
 1017 12-14-08  10:42 pm
Techniques and Designs-Decorating Your Garden-Archives
Here, one could post unique ways in which they chose to decorate their gardens. Obelisks, trellises, birdhouses, stepping stones, statues ,sayings ,pond ornaments, fencing etc..
 1483 12-07-08  08:51 pm
Techniques and Designs-Pest and Diseases-Archives
This is the place for you to ask questions or provide information to gardeners coping with pests and plant diseases in the garden.
 637 12-07-08  09:28 pm
Techniques and Designs-Starting Your Seeds-Archives
For many of us seed starting is a necessity. It is the only way to keep our gardening addiction going in winter months and to keep soil under our fingernails! Share your plant propagation experiences with us!
 1281 12-07-08  09:33 pm
Garden Recipes-Archives
Share your favorite recipes with friends and Gardenbuddies. Why not experiment and try something new. Bon Appetite!
 17121 12-13-08  12:12 pm
Gallery-Birds and Their Environment-Archives
A forum to share your love of birds in the garden and in their natural environment. A place for bird lovers to post your photos of birds you see every day and in your travels.
 23567 12-21-08  04:12 pm
Gallery-Déjà Vu-Archives
Show your garden throughout the seasons or years. Post photos of a garden spot as it changes throughout the year or from year to year. One suggestion is to select the same spot in your garden to photograph and post on Aug. 15, Oct. 15, Jan. 15, April 15, and June 15. Also a great place to show before and after shots from projects.
 1640 12-21-08  04:13 pm
Gallery-House and Town
If you are going to town or just sticking around the house today, this is the place to post your photos.
 2223 12-25-08  09:59 am
Gallery-Identify This Plant
Lost the name tag to your plant? Don't worry. Just post a photo here and someone will know its name.
 1414 12-25-08  02:26 pm
Gallery-Lil' Sprouts-Archives
Daddies and their babies tug at your heart strings. Welcome to the world sweet baby child. A topic for our children and grandchildren.
 605 12-21-08  04:13 pm
Gallery-Meeting Gardenbuddies-Archives
Share your stories along with your photos of your trips to meet other Gardenbuddies. Plan and talk about future road trips and meetings.
 1194 12-21-08  04:14 pm
Viewing nature can be quite an enjoyment; whether it be a walk in the woods along a special path or seeing wildlife in its own habitat. Share your photos with us here.
 3799 12-21-08  04:16 pm
Gallery-Noah's Ark-Archives
Share with us the photos and tales (tails?) of your assistant Gardenbuddies. Memories of former companions are welcome too. They don't have to be furry friends...they might have gills, feathers or scales!
 2356 12-21-08  04:16 pm
Taking a vacation? Don't forget to share your photographs here when you return.
 2411 12-21-08  04:17 pm
Garden Bench Favorites-Photography, Software, and Computers
The place to talk and share interests in photography equipment, photo editing software and computer problems. Discuss your HTML and website building questions here.
 5322 01-08-09  09:10 pm
Garden Bench Favorites-Wishes For You-Archives
A special place to wish upon a star. A place of hope and courage. A place to remember the past and look forward to the future. A place to reflect in the garden.
 2876 12-25-08  11:47 pm

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