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    The first one is superb... like the veining


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      I totally agree with Jeff, some lovely bloomers!


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        I like tm 03 017, the last two. The last one (17011) will be a super parent, the next to last (1727) is a wonder. One of a kind...Velebit Mountains of Croatia, what would you expect? Magic! the first blonde one has a light rim and it has specks, beautiful blonde hellebore.

        This group has all groups. If The seed collector had been any other than TM I would think they had messed up. It is like someone had taken half the Balkan species and mixed them plus other unusual forms. Look at 17027, look at 17011. I have purple veining in this group, I think the more you looked at TM 08 017 the more amazed you would be.

        17011 is one hell of a podder, look at the pollen tags on this 8 inch plant and it is a sibling to 17027, and yes, most of the pollen used on 17011? X 17027 and heronswood x torq.

        This is the smoking gun, bang bang. No explanation, no doubt back to school! Blonde torquatus with green veins?

        Must be the French towhead in me, a blonde troquatus is what I want with green veining! Not a green or a purple but a blonde!

        Hey Jeff, I set some seed this year, just finished. All very carefully hand pollinated with uncontaminated pollen. Thousands of hellebore seed


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          Certainly an exciting group, make my regrets that when I visit Croatia later tis a that my visit does not coincide with flowering or seed ripening.